Templeton Pek – New Horizons (Hardline Entertainment)

Genre: Punk

This is punk rock, but in a more refined way. It’s punk rock, but in a way that makes it more accessible to people who would normally turn their nose up at the genre because it’s too aggressive or too raw.

However, don’t take that to mean this isn’t a proper punk record – Templeton Pek have just adjusted their sound slightly for their fourth studio album. And this is another stepping stone in their journey.

All the old themes are there: independence, a sense of recklessness and not caring for authority figures or the authorities.

The melodic punk influences shines through on songs like Fractures and Damage Control, while the album still maintains the raw feeling to it that the genre is built on.

Templeton Pek are edging themselves towards a more accessible sound, while still staying true to their roots. It’s a difficult road to go down, and a fine line to tread – but with New Horizons they have struck an excellent balance. Russell Hughes

RUSHONROCK Rated: 8 New Direction