Dead Lord – Heads Held High (Century Media)

Genre: Classic Rock

‘The mission is to rock. It still is.’ So says the tag line introducing Dead Lord’s website (clearly the mission was never to complete the site itself) and it says just enough.

The retro-soaked Swedes have delivered on their promise and emerged with their Heads Held High where this twin guitar assault on 70s rock’s finer moments is concerned.

At its most Lizzy-licious – on the meandering, riff-fuelled No Regret – this is an album that brazenly mines the well of a bygone era dominated by Phil Lynott and his buddies. By the same token, When History Repeats Itself is almost confessional.

However, there are also heavier elements not dissimilar to fellow Swedes Graveyard and when Dead Lord do rock – really rock – then they rock hard.

Conjuring images of denim, leather, studs and sew-on patches, Heads Held High is a comforting reminder that six string jousting, harmonised choruses and soaring solos never went out of fashion.

The baton was simply passed from one generation to the next and right now Dead Lord are the self-styled custodians of a genre in rude health. Simon Rushworth