Vision of Disorder – Razed To The Ground (Candlelight Records)

Genre: Metallic hardcore

When Long Island’s Vision of Disorder burst back onto the scene with 2012’s The Cursed Remain Cursed, they more than made up for a decade away: the album was a masterclass in metallic hardcore, putting both contemporaries and young upstarts to shame.

And while Razed To The Ground lacks the immediate, devastating impact of The Cursed Remain Cursed, it packs one hell of a punch, both emotionally and musically. VoD have never been just another brutal HC band, but even long time fans will feel their jaws drop when Cut My Teeth or Nightcrawler come out swinging, full of drama, passion and deft guitarwork.

There’s a real depth to the songwriting here: vocalist Tim Williams has the opportunity to push himself to the limit on this material, while the rhythm section of Brendon Cohen and Mike Fleischmann perform with an intelligence often lacking in more feted hardcore acts.

A fascinating listen and proof that VoD’s return was no flash in the pan, Razed To The Ground is a stroke of genius from the veterans. True grit, in every sense of the word.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8.5/10 Flame-on