You Win Again Gravity – Anonymity (Self-Release)

Genre: Technical Post-Hardcore

Like Press to MECO after two spoonfuls of cement, You Win Again Gravity take progressive, technical rock and harden it up.

With their contrasting harmonies and delicate guitar, YWAG can be almost beautiful at times – but fine lines and endless finesse isn’t really this group’s happy place.

Although that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, and third song in Seamless is a prime example of when it does happen and happen well. But you get the feeling a lighter approach is the exception rather than the norm.

Gallery Circus chat Chicago, biker clubs and falling out with each other

With the style of their songs switching from one thing to another, it can be tricky to keep up with the pace of the album. Every tune is an audio bulldozer and songs like ILearnedToStopAsking go through so many different themes at once it can boggle the mind.

At eight songs long, the mini-album is short enough to provide a quick blast into the band’s future but long enough not to leave anything to the imagination about their future direction.

A Lack of Clarity shows an impressive array of skills as the vocals ride on top the crest of the throbbing, meandering music that twists from soft and turns into hard at the blink of an eye – but much of the album seems to blend into one.

Sometimes technical rock can lacks the mast to hang its colours to and attempts to be the jack of all trades and the master of none. You Win Again Gravity have to be careful of this as they move forward, but it’s a promising start.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 We’re the winners.