Supertramp – Live In Paris ’79 Double CD/DVD Edition (Eagle Vision/Universal)

Genre: Soft Rock/Prog Rock

In the week that British rock treasures Supertramp were forced to cancel their long awaited European tour, due to founder member Rick Davies’ serious health issues, it seems apt to revisit this landmark show from the band’s glorious heyday.

Various versions of their Pavillon De Paris sets (the band played for concerts in four days in the French capital during the winter of 1979) have emerged over the years – including 1980’s live Paris album – but this is the first time the complete concert has been made available on CD. And it sounds suitably luscious, lavish, loud and pompous.

Interestingly it’s not the big tunes that really sparkle. Sure Breakfast In America, from the hugely successful album of the same name released earlier that year, Dreamer and Give A Little Bit draw the warmest applause and the loudest Gallic shrieks.

But it’s on set opener School, Hide In Your Shell and Take The Long Way Home that present Supertramp as far more than self-obsessed pop rockers – there’s genuine depth, versatility and a long-lost vibrancy underpinning the very best of these choice live cuts.

At 71 Davies faces the toughest fight of his life as he tackles the cancer that put paid to this autumn’s shows. But this inspirational testimony to a band at the peak of their creative powers is a timely reminder that there’s plenty worth fighting for where the Supertramp legacy is concerned. Simon Rushworth

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Parisk Takers