Robert Jon & The Wreck – Last Light On The Highway (Self Released)

One Last Time urges Robert Jon Burrison down the stretch of a remarkably absorbing record.

And there’s every likelihood listeners will be powerless to drag themselves away from Last Light On The Highway.

A single sitting simply isn’t enough.

Two plays and it’s time for more.

Three, four, five times through a heady mix of Southern rock, outlaw country and blues and it’s no less addictive.

One Last Time? Go on then.

But where to start?

Purists, or course, will begin at the beginning. And Oh Miss Carolina lays this band’s cards on the table.

Its heavy riffs and kickass attitude fuse Blackberry Smoke and Brothers Osborne. 

And the Southern rock heritage shines through.

But where next?

Skip to Tired Of Drinking Alone for a real flavour of what RJ&TW do very best.

It’s authentic, anthemic and instantly accessible.

And the sumptuous slide guitar will make grown men weep.

Two-part set closer Last Light On the Highway is simply sublime.

It’s progressive, passionate and utterly unpredictable.

Alt rock, heavy blues, AOR and Americana trade places with the band’s trademark Southern rock in a celebration of pure creative freedom. 

It’s a genre-busting jam that’s a joy to behold.

And the set-closing, self-titled double whammy is a testament to this band’s bold ambition.

RJ&TW should have been blazing a trail through Europe right now.

Spanish eyes would have been smiling on the band all week – were it not for COVID-19.

But who knows where the Last Light On The Highway will be in 2020?

For now this 11-track tour de force is the closest fans can get to the Wreck.

Get close enough and you’ll be locked in for life.