Kublai Khan – Nomad (Rise Records)

Genre: Metalcore

Kublai Khan are marking a new chapter in their 10-year history by arriving their new Rise Records stomping grounds.

For all the criticism that Rise sometimes get for turning bands soft, they deserve nothing but plaudits for the part they’ve played in making this record happen.

Kublai Khan didn’t so much knock on the front door and ask to be allowed entrance, they took a sledgehammer and broke down everything in their path.

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And that’s exactly what Nomad sounds like. It is an aural bruiser that combines an unrelenting pace with groove laden moments of calm that drag you into a false sense of security before smashing you over the head with the heavy weaponry.

One of the real strengths in Kublai Khan’s arsenal is a message that rings loud and true through their music. A prime example of this is The Hammer, which is the lead single from the album and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a massive, groovy tunes that has got more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and one of the best on Nomad.

The real Kublai Khan swept all his enemies away and his Mongol hoard was feared throughout the known world. While it’s unlikely that the band that bears his name will embark on a murderous rampage across the world, their latest release has all the hallmarks of breaking down doors and sweeping away their nearest rivals.

Salt Water continues the take-no-prisoners approach, while final song River Walker brings the pace down to something approaching manageable. But apart from that final few minutes, Nomad is an unrelenting quest for metalcore perfection.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Khan’t be beaten