Saints Of Sin – Welcome To The Circus (3MS)

Genre – Hair metal / hard rock

Since their formation in 2013, Saints of Sin have been on an upward trajectory towards hard rock / hair metal stardom. Much like Steel Panther, Saints of Sin are bringing back the spirit of Sunset Strip circa 84, with the hair, leather, makeup, sonics and vocals; proving there is still a demand for the over the top antics of rock and roll.

But, Saints of Sin are more than just a reworked 80s gimmick. The five piece have plenty of music talent, creatively ability and all the flair required to be a hard rockin’ force, but they have also invested in quality production.

The production quality of the album is top notch, but it’s also a cheesy, fun, hair metal album. Forget the Guns N’ Roses comparisons; Saints of Sin are closer to Motley Crue, Twister Sister and Whitesnake than the world’s most dangerous band. The Guns reference points are definitely there, and its clear Saints of Sin have a great deal of admiration for them, but they are very different bands.

From the ringmaster opening of The Ballad of the Big Top, it’s clear than this album is going to be sleazy, cheesy and light hearted. Welcome to The Circus, the title track, could seamlessly slide onto Theatre Of Pain, with the racing solos, big vocals and catchy chorus. The simplicities of the song writing, the big hooks and the fun loving nature of this album means it will go down a treat with hair metal revivalists; and so it should, because it’s a good album.

One Last Time is by all means a glorified pop song, with guitars, drums and squealing vocals. This chorus driven track, like many others on this album, will go down a treat on the live stage, with easy to remember lyrics and enough spirit to get the audience pumping their fists during a sing along of epic proportions.

Saints of Sin bring their 80s spirit to turbo in Turn it up. With chanting choruses, continuous repetition of ‘turn it up’ roared over solos and rapid drum patterns, this track has all the exhilarating requirements of a big 80s hair metal number.

One More Minute and Heroin are where the Whitesnake similarities really come into focus. These balladry numbers are slow with big choruses, and are brilliantly entertaining. But, once again, they’re a far cry from Guns!

Saints Of Sin headlined stage two at HRH Sleaze last year, and you can expect them to be much higher up the bill at festivals next year. Welcome To The Circus is appropriately named – it’s fun, it’s wild and a little bit crazy, and that’s what makes it so damn entertaining!

RUSHONROCK RATED – 8/10 I can’t help the noise we’re makin’!

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