Honeymoon Disease – Part Human, Mostly Beast (The Sign Records)

Genre – Rock

Part Human, Mostly Beast is the second helping of gut busting rock from Swedish four piece Honeymoon Disease, and it will resonate with rock fans right across the board.

Honeymoon Disease offer a unique blend of hard rockin’ goodness, Scandinavian vocals and groovy licks, making for a delicious musical combination.

Over the few years, they have been billed as one of the rising stars of European rock, gaining attention for their high voltage live shows, and with Part Human, Mostly Beast they’ve tried to capture their live energy on record.

This attention has led to a greater recording budget for album number two, and with better quality equipment available, their sound has never been sharper.

Before entering the studio, producer Ola Ersfjord dug out his old soul records and challenged the band to expand their sound.

His decision to go down this route has proved absolutely crucial to the originality of Part Human, Mostly Beast. Tracks like Rymdvals and It’s Alright deliver a beautiful mix of hard rock and funk soul music, something you very rarely hear.

Along with soul, Honeymoon Disease have experimented with surf rock in the wonderfully inventive Fly Bird, Fly High. Think The Beach Boys on steroids, and you’ve got Fly Bird, Fly High. It’s chilled out music played at a ferocious pace, and it’s fantastic.

This new, experimental style is carefully placed between traditional rock numbers like Calling You and Needle In Your Eye. These tracks are packed tight with all the traditional hard rock elements – solos, big vocals and effortless riffs, and they’re the ones that will appeal to the more traditional rock audience.

From start to finish, Honeymoon Disease have delivered a fast, fun rock album that is filled with variety.

Part Human, Mostly Beast is not perfect, and has parts that are not as well recorded as others (Four Stroke Woman), but it’s full of potential and is definitely worth a listen.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 7/10 Honeymoon Disease scream potential


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