London punks Booze & Glory release their highly anticipated new album Chapter IV next month, and RUSHONROCK’s co-editor Adam Keys caught up with guitarist Liam to discuss the album, touring plans and their beloved West Ham.

RUSHONROCK – Hi guys, thanks for joining us at RUSHONROCK. How’s everything going ahead of the release of Chapter IV?

Liam Booze – Thanks for having us! Things are going pretty good! everyone’s working really hard to get everything ready for the album launch, but so far everything is going to plan!  for a change!

RUSHONROCK – The album sounds great. Can you tell our readers a bit about it?

LB – Chapter IV is our 4th studio album, we recorded it with Pat Collier in London and was mastered in Portland USA by Brad Boatright. We have Worked with Pat several times in the past and he really gets the best out of us and we are really happy with the album.

RUSHONROCK – Booze & Glory have a unique sound at a time when many punk acts are going for the faux Irish theme, but you’re more West Ham and larger than whiskey and Boston. Has that sound changed as the band has matured?

LB – Our sound has certainly progressed musically but I have to say there is without doubt an Irish influence in our music, I’ve played Banjo, Accordion and mandolin on this record and also play still play in the Irish Traditional music scene. We didn’t set out with an agenda to write a certain type of album and with there being two main songwriters / singers I think we have a good mix of song types but still hold true to our Booze & Glory sound.

RUSHONROCK – The West Ham focus has stepped down on Chapter Vl. Was this intentional? We were almost waiting for a full song on Payet!

LB – We are still West Ham fans and get to as many games as possible but I guess there is only so many songs you can write about losing and being the underdog!

The album was already recorded by the time Payet showed his true character besides that it’s quite difficult to find words that rhyme with tosser, wanker and arsehole!


RUSHONROCK – You’ve just signed to Swedish label Burning Heart Records, who brought the likes of the Hives and Parkway Drive to the world. What was the reason to join them?

LB – Burning Heart Records has a worked with so many great bands it would have been foolish not to join them when the opportunity arose. For us as a band its very important that the label lets us write and record the way we want and lets us maintain creative control and Burning Heart has been great and supportive at that!

RUSHONROCK – New label, new album… is that a sign of positive early days with Burning Heart?

LB – Absolutely! we are very proud to be one of the few bands BHR has signed in recent times and are sure we will have a long and happy relationship with them!

RUSHONROCK – 2016 and the start of 2017 have been pretty mad years as far as the political front goes. Can referendums and the fight against Trump inspire a new generation of punk rock?

LB – Well let’s hope so, If there is silver lining to this pretty dark cloud Punk Rock maybe it. Booze & Glory are 4 guys from Ireland, Poland, Greece & Italy but London made this band what it is. We are proud Immigrants and sons of Immigrants and stand against any efforts to subjugate people for the race, religion, sexuality, gender or anything else for that matter! Punk means something different to everyone and if thats a tool to fight back then great! if its nothing more than an outlet for your rage then thats great too!

RUSHONROCK – You’ve announced some dates to tour the new album. Are we likely to see any more added? Say… up north?

LB – 2017 is going to be our busiest year yet, we are continually booking shows and there will be more UK shows to be announced soon!

RUSHONROCK – You’re just finalising the dates for your North American tour. How do you find punk rock is perceived in the US, compared to the UK?

LB – No matter what anyone else says the UK is the birthplace of Punk! But In my opinion the US is going a lot better in terms of keeping it alive, If you look at the most successful punk bands out there, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Social Distortion they are all American. In the UK if you turn on the radio you wouldn’t have much luck finding punk, maybe the odd Green Day song but rock music in general isn’t given the publicity it deserves! hopefully this will change but I’m not holding my breath.

RUSHONROCK – You’ve been announced to play Hellfest in June. What are you most looking forward to there? And, can we expect any more festival announcements from Booze & Glory?

LB – Playing on the same bill as Deep Purple and Aerosmith is insane for us! we are looking forward to getting our music out there to a new audience and of course seeing our friends from Rancid tear it up as they always do!

Theres a lot more shows to be announced soon, some of which to places we have never been! so keep an eye out because chances are we will be hitting a city near you!