Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame (Music for Nations)

Genre: Metalcore

The path to the top isn’t always instant and it’s definitely not easy. Bury Tomorrow have climbed to the precipice of their genre in stages as each album defines them a little more, lifts them a little higher and builds their legacy a little better.

And if you thought the Hampshire crew couldn’t get any better than 2016’s Earthbound, then you can think again. Black Flame is supposed to be the record that cements it all. Never mind their name in lights, Bury Tomorrow want something a little more permanent than that. They want a Mount Rushmore. This is their Rushmore.

It’s never easy to tread the line between keeping old fans happy and giving new ones what they want. A band like BT are always going to be torn between the darkness and the light, between the pure screamo side and the more melodic tones that metalcore needs to thrive. Songs like album opener No Less Violent does that perfectly.


It’s hard to pick out a truly standout moment because this record is so uniformly good, but single Knife of Gold has to be an early contender for song of the year. Never mind the best on the album, this could be the best metal tune of 2018. Like all true entertainers at the top of their game, Bury Tomorrow know exactly when to pull the pin. There can be too much of a good thing, but that’s never a concern here as none of the songs (with the exception of the otherwise excellent Overcast) feel too long or too drawn out.

Dani Winter-Bates has the perfect voice for the genre. Like the perfect villain, it’s dark as hell but with a glint of light behind it – while Jason Cameron’s clean vocals are deep and rich and comforting and invite you along for the ride.

A lot of work went behind this album and you can tell. The melodies dare you not to get involve in the pounding rhythms, every single note is pin sharp and perfectly executed. This is a group at the top of their game.

Bury Tomorrow aren’t just an album band, they’re amazing live and you can imagine this record sparking raucous scenes across the world. And if BT haven’t conquered the globe yet, Black Flame is the album that”ll send them worldwide.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Tomorrow is theirs