Missing that little bit of Rock ‘n’ Soul in your life? Then The Sound Ex could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

What we like about them most is that they’re a Tyneside band signed to a Tyenside label chockful of Tyneside talent. And after the sorry state of affairs that was their brief sojourn with Sony, rushonrock is delighted to welcome The Sound Ex (formerly The Sound Explosion) back to planet rock.

Snapped up by Demolition Records’ DR2 imprint, the four-piece will unleash new album Palomino on an expectant public in October. Granted a sneakier than sneak preview, rushonrock can confidently predict rave reviews for the Paul Reeve (Muse, Supergrass) produced album.

With a full UK tour confirmed for next month this could well be the year that The Sound Ex finally fulfil the talent swiftly spotted then just as hastily spurned by those Sony bigwigs.

Remember people – this is a rock site written in the North East and for the North East. So forgive us if we¬†appear very, very excited about what could be the region’s biggest release of the year….

…and if you still need convincing then check out this week’s NME which features Geordie superstar Michael Carrick extoling the band’s virtues! The Man Utd, England and ex-Wallsend Boys Club favourite has been an occasional roadie for The Sound Ex this summer.

And it’s not just because his brother-in-law is a member of the band¬†– he actually likes the music! What next? An Old Trafford headline gig, Cristiano Ronaldo sporting a Sound Ex tee, Rio Ferdinand at a rock gig (OK, so that last one is a little far-fetched)….