Brit rock giants Therapy? have unveiled the rather spanking cover of their soon-to-be unleashed studio opus Crooked Timber and the bleak imagery has already got the rushonrock team likening it to the band’s classic artwork of yesteryear.

Famed for some pretty outrageous pics over the years, Andy and the band have stripped it down to deliver a menacing new look for 2009. And if the brazen black on white doesn’t get Therapy? noticed this year then a slab of grinding rock classics certainly will.

Crooked Timber hits stores on March 23 (talk about an agonising wait) but we’ve been given a sneak peak of the tracklisting. According to insiders the band has never sounded more vital and it seems a stint in Newcastle’s Blast studios has given the band fresh impetus and a new-found hunger.

Therapy? told rushonrock: “We’re really excited about getting these tracks heard and can’t wait to play them live. We’ve spent enough time away now – it’s time to get involved. There’s always the risk of getting lazy and simply churning out what’s ‘expected’ or a ‘safe bet’ but that was never an option for Crooked Timber. Making the album on Tyneside was a great experience and now it’s time to get back in peoples faces.”

Rumours of a tour with local faves The Sound Ex are still doing the rounds and that’s one gig you’d be mad to miss. But don’t despair – we’ll have the details right here as soon as they’re confirmed.

For now feast your eyes on the Crooked Timber tracklisting and prepare for a full review in March: 1 The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself 2 Enjoy The Struggle 3 Clowns Galore 4 Exiles 5 Crooked Timber 6 I Told You I Was Ill 7 Somnambulist 8 Blacken The Page 9 Magic Mountain  10 Bad Excuse For Daylight