….until rushonrock joins thousands of other frenzied rockers at Day One of this year’s Leeds Festival anticipating THE gig of 2008.

With our baby wipes in one hand and our laptop in the other we will be bringing you the lowdown on Metallica’s only UK show of the year – less than a month before new record Death Magnetic hits stores. 

And while we’re looking forward to Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot and Tenacious D I don’t think there’s any hiding from the fact that there is only one band we’ll be scrutinising note for note come Friday August 22.

The mighty Metallica may have delivered a stinker with last outing St Anger but there’s a general feeling that the big riffs and searing solos are back. We’ll be counting down the days right here on rushonrock so don’t miss all your big festival build-up and live reaction.