It’s Sunday night so it has to be new music night on the website dedicated to the rock of our ages. This week there’s some true Geordie power, some serious six-string action and the latest from one of America’s biggest bands…

Children Of The Future: A Tribute To Les Paul – Various Artists (Immergent)

Normally speaking any record boasting the combined talents of Slash, Joe Perry, Peter Frampton, Joe Bonamassa, Richie Sambora and the great Les Paul would warrant special praise. But then that red-haired nightclub crooner Mick Hucknall has to go and spoil it all by making an unwelcome guest appearance.

Why some bloke from Simply Red was ever considered for this latest tribute to the man who invented the solid body electric guitar is anyone’s guess. But hey, we’ll get over it. And instead we’ll pour over some truly inspirational music from a clutch of artists even our very own Self Made Man might have heard of over the years…

Dying To Live is to die for as Les teams up with Edgar Winter to produce a timless piece of rootsy guitar genius. Les and Joe Perry do their best to drown out the wailing Hucknall on I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know (OK, we haven’t quite got over it just yet) and what’s not to like about the boy Bonamassa trading licks with Sir Les on the brilliant The Good Luck You’re Having

Vocalise, featuring Slash, is sensational stuff and Sambora finishes off a fine release with a flourish as the Bon Jovi man lets rip on Great Hall Of Fame. All in all this album is surprising and mesmerising in equal measure.

rushonrock rated: 9/10 Les Filler, More Killer

3 Doors Down – 3 Doors Down (Island Records)

More than 15 million paying customers can’t be wrong as 3 Doors Down continue to rack up album sales at an unbelievable rate. Or can they?

While the US quintet continue to blaze a coast to coast trail in their home country it’s fair to say Brad Arnold and the boys have yet to convince European audiences of their true worth. A five-date UK tour this month might change the perception of us Brits but don’t bank on it.

It seems to us that 3 Doors Down don’t quite know where to pitch themselves to the unconverted. Are they a beefed up Matchbox Twenty, a toned down Nickelback or Bon Jovi’s bastard sons?

Number one US single It’s Not My Time is unremarkable enough but check out Citizen/Soldier and Runaway if you’re looking for what’s right about a band which manages occasional brilliance against all odds. This could be their breakthrough record over here but it could go the same way as their previous three.

rushonrock rated: 5/10 Doors Open Up

The Sound Ex – Palomino (DR2)

At times it’s difficult to believe this accomplished rock record has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for two agonising years. One listen tells you everything you need to know about The Sound Ex: even after a rebranding, a re-signing and a rebirth the Geordie foursome are as relevant and rocking as ever.

What’s great about Tyneside’s self-styled rock and soul brothers is the diversity which courses through Palomino from start to finish. At times you think you’re listening to the MC5 singing Blaydon Races but pierce the punk and there are refreshing elements of indie, pop and classic rock.

This is a record which keeps you guessing from start to finish and even after several plays it’s impossible to know where Palomino will lead The Sound Ex in the future. The boys tell rushonrock there’s already more than enough new material written to fire out another record asap. But too soon would be too cruel – let us savour this one for a while please.

rushonrock rated: 8/10 Sounds Fine