The White Buffalo – On The Widow’s Walk (Snakefarm)

The White Buffalo stance is constantly changing.

And On The Widow’s Walk is no different.

Jake Smith’s alter ego has always played on a chameleon-like quality.

Dylan-influenced, Springsteen-echoing storytelling trips off the tongue.

Bluesy folk criss-crosses with Americana and country fuses into Southern rock.

But the one constant is tear-jerking authenticity.

Sycamore is a beautiful example of how The White Buffalo’s classic approach to singer songwriting is as joyous as it is genuine.

As the soundtrack to your lockdown it couldn’t be a more affecting piece of work.

And producer Shooter Jennings captures the mood with typical aplomb.

Faster Than Fire is an explosive banger that The Boss would be proud to call his own.

But it’s hard to beat the outlaw country flowing through River Of Love And Loss.

The brooding beat and angular melody make for a truly atmospheric journey.

And the whistled outro sets the seal on this remarkable record’s standout track.

The Rapture is similarly foreboding.

Smith’s take on the moral compass spiralling out of control is intense.

And its howling, bestial refrain is almost sinister in its composition.

Wrapping up with I Don’t Know A Thing About Love is a smart move.

The White Buffalo’s soul is laid bare and it’s a great fit for a multi-faceted musician.

On The Widow’s Walk is brave and vulnerable in equal measure. 

It’s a trail well worth following.