In This Moment – Ritual (Roadrunner Records)

Genre: Hard Rock

Druid chanting, Genesis covers and unique twists on all school classics – Ritual by In This Moment has it all.

This is the band’s sixth studio album and a curious mix of power ballads, hard rock and innovative cover versions of old school classics characterise the record.


Lead singer Maria Brink’s voice and the heavanly piano scattered perfectly throughout Ritual gives the LP an angelic feel. They’re the angel on your shoulder begging you to say no to the devilish lyrics and failing.

Black Wedding is exactly one of these songs, and as the heaviest of the album features Rob Halford from Judas Priest. It’s a creative spin-off of Billy Idol’s smash White Wedding and manages to do what spin-offs have struggled to do since time began – be as good as the original while In The Air Tonight is a unique take on a Genesis classic.

But don’t think this is a one dimensional record. River of Fire is a gospel dark rock anthem, while Witching Hour is an ode to those unfortunate souls burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials.

Joan of Arc adds a further element to Ritual with it’s deliciously malicious Rob Zombie feel that somehow introduces a pop style chorus and makes it work. The whole song sounds as if Mr. Zombie swallowed Little Mix and burped out a rock band and to top it all off Roots has a guitar infused, dance hall feel that showcases the impressive music range that In This Moment possess.

Although some listening is done begging the band to break their self imposed shackles and cause some real mischief, Ritual is by and large an excellent album that somehow manages to fuse together so many styles, themes and ideas into one cohesive, enjoyable and addictive body of work.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 This moment is good


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