Jase Old – Hemisphere (Self Released)

Can you teach an Old dog new tricks?

Apparently so.

Jase Old is the honey-tongued frontman of AOR titans The Radio Sun.

But Hemisphere sees the emotive vocalist fly solo for the first time.

It’s a long overdue venture that ripples with raw emotion.

And the emotive fusion of Old and new will resonate with melodic rock fans the world over.

Hemisphere is heavy on heartbreak.

It’s a rollercoaster of tear-jerking sentiment.

Lavish keys and vocal harmonies take no prisoners.

And Old expresses hope and regret in equally strident measure.

Achingly stark ballad And You is powerful in its richly poetic message.

Like It Used To Be leans on an 80s-styled synth pop intro before bursting into life.

And Tell Me How To Mend A Broken Heart sounds like a genuine plea for help.

Old has cooked up an AOR classic.

Every ingredient has been carefully measured and expertly mixed.

And what about those ridiculously clever rhymes?

On Take Me As I Am, the ever-ambitious Old matches ‘possess’ with ‘acquiesce’.

Better still, he pairs ‘beautiful’ with ‘irrefutable’ on the shimmering You’re A Star.

Inspired stuff from an inspired songwriter.

Given the occasionally over-complicated word play, it’s the simplicity of Hemisphere’s key themes that cut deepest.

Old is a melting pot of passion.

On Hemisphere that fervour boils over.

And it’s all the better for it.

Missing The Radio Sun’s regular jaunt to the UK?

This timely reminder of Old’s underrated talent should fill the gap for now.

*Main Image By Simon Dunkerley