The Cadillac Three – Country Fuzz (Big Machine Label Group)

So what’s all the Fuzz about?

How come The Cadillac Three are suddenly second on the bill to Eric Church at next month’s C2C Festival?

And since when did three laid back country boys kiss goodbye to their cult status and ascend to the next level?

Well it hasn’t happened just yet.

But Country Fuzz sounds like the record that will kick The Cadillac Three’s rivals into touch.

Of course, it doesn’t sound too different to 2017’s Legacy.

And there are some serious similarities to the previous year’s Bury Me In My Boots.

But given that both records were chock full of singalong whiskey-soaked anthems that’s really no bad thing.

In fairness, Country Fuzz does update The Cadillac Three sound to an extent.

The Jam could almost be described as disco country.

Labels is an electro-tinged 80s throwback that might just propel this likeable trio into pop country’s big leagues.

And Dirt Road Nights follows the same route with its country meets new romantic refrain.

Evolution is revolution. And don’t those canny Cadillacers know it?

But on Back Home the band slips back into the Southern rock comfort zone.

And it’s a truly brilliant snapshot of what this talented trio does best.

Jaren Johnston has written plenty of killer tunes for his country buddies.

But The Cadillac Three’s charismatic frontman has kept hold of some absolute belters here.

And the C2C crowds are in for a treat if, as expected, this year’s surprise pick is brave enough to focus on new music for what could be a career-defining set.

On a basic level these are songs about drinking, partying and smoking weed.

But for those seeking to unpeel the layers there is a serious side to The Cadillac Three.

And the very serious prospect of Country Fuzz making a big noise in 2020. 

Main Image By John Burrows