Hawthorne Heights will release their collection of B-sides and rarities on November the 8th in an album called Lost Frequencies via Pure Noise Records.

The band have also announced a brand-spanking new single and music video for Hard To Breathe.

Hard To Breathe covers some pretty heavy, emotional stuff and it’s an honour to have vocalist JT Woodruff share that with the audience.

“I grew up in a home built on a fractured marriage, alcoholism, and a mother who loved us, but just didn’t know how to articulate it into words,” Woodruff started.

“We packed up all of our things and left my father behind in the winter of 1989, and never looked back. I didn’t see him again, until he was in a coffin.”

Despite the sad beginnings, the track is actually a story of redemption and a young person finding his feet for the first time.

Hard To Breathe is the story of my youth from 1988-1992,” continued the singer. “I spent a lot of time with quiet resentment, until I found my circle of friends, and felt outside love for the first time.

“While the story has some dark twists and turns, it’s really just an articulation of some of the coldest nights of my life.”

Hawthorne Heights will be supporting New Found Glory on their upcoming From The Screen To Your Stereo To Your Town tour. 

Celebrating the pop-punk legend’s recent release of their third cover album, Hawthorne Heights decided they’d join in the fun and dropped a special cover of The Ramones’ Pet Sematary.

Lost Frequences is the follow up release to the band’s latest full length, Bad Frequencies, which was released last year via Pure Noise Records.

It was the band’s first full-length release since 2013 and gave fans a look back on why Hawthorne Heights has maintained such a strong presence in the genre while continuously growing, maturing and reflecting on life as musicians and as men.