Frostbitt frontman Ivan Hansen has urged fans to surrender to their emotions after unleashing the bleak video to weighty anthem Inferno.

The band’s explosive new single – culled from 2018’s Solbrent – fuses typically dark lyrics with groove-laden riffs.

And Hansen admitted it’s often impossible to prevent a primal instinct from kicking in…and causing chaos.

Inferno is about giving in,” he explained. “Whether it’s to hate, anger, sorrow, regret or addiction – anything that has been pent up for too long has to come pouring out. 

“It’s about our primal instinct consuming our souls while the human part of us blacks out. “Before you know it, your animalistic side has already taken over you entirely. At this point there is only one option: termination. 

“End the suffering by hurting yourself or others. Some people just want to watch the world burn.”

Hailing from Mjøndalen, Norway, Frostbitt have released Inferno ahead of their set at the 2019 Euroblast Festival.

The band will join the likes of The Hirsch Effekt, Kadinja and Between The Buried And Me. 

Inferno is just meant to be played for a live audience and we can’t wait to bring it to the Euroblast crowd,” added Hansen.

Inferno belongs on the stage, both in the way it is structured and in the fact that the performance is all about the expression. 

“I have always let my stress and emotions out through music and to be able to play songs like this live is the ultimate therapy. 

“We always aim to encourage the audience to release whatever dark energy they carry within them and what better way than to a song such as this – a song that focuses on our inhuman capacity for pure rage?”

Despite forming in 2012, Frostbitt’s founding members, Ivan and Steffen Nielsen (drums) have been friends since primary school, starting their first musical project, Subyda, at just 12 years old. 

Ivan began composing material in a more focussed way at 14 and had enough material to record a full length album by the age of 16 – subsequently recording several tracks in the renowned Fredman Studio in Sweden. 

As Frostbitt, the quartet released their self-titled debut album in 2015, have since toured throughout their home country and will soon embark on their first European excursion, on a short run of tour dates.