Outlaw This Christmas


The Outlaw Orchestra

The Outlaw Orchestra backstory

Heavy grass?

The hillbilly Rush?

Lizzy meets Dolly?

Call them what you want, The Outlaw Orchestra don’t care.

And they don’t play by the rules. 

Never have done. Never will.

Fusing extreme musical proficiency with a punk attitude and country flavour, theirs is a creative melting pot tastier than a full fat Christmas dinner.

And now they’re taking on Sir Cliff, The Darkness, Chris Rea et al with a festive favourite set to make your baubles tingle.

Outlaw Christmas comes hot on the heels of the band’s latest collection of sparkling covers.

Back Under The Covers and Under The Covers bookended TOO’s brilliant second full-lengther.

And it was Makin’ Tracks that confirmed the Southampton trio are making rapid progress.

Sick of Mariah, Wham and Buble?

Wishing there was more to your holiday soundtrack than Jingle Bells and Silent Night?

No need to fret.

The Outlaw Orchestra have crafted a Christmas cracker.

In Rocker Dave’s own words

“We wanted the song to be classic Outlaw Orchestra.

“But we also wanted it to fit alongside all the Christmas songs we love. 

“We’ve got it all: bells, a harmony guitar line, kids’ voices, a talking section…even down to the vocal effect. 

“We were searching for a specific sound synonymous with the old-school Christmas tunes.

“In the end I got in touch with Mike Batt of the Wombles who suggested we investigate Artificial Double Tracking.

“It was used throughout the 60s and 70s by Noddy Holder and John Lennon. 

“As soon as we added that effect to the voices we knew we were onto something.”

The verdict on Outlaw This Christmas

Unwrap Outlaw This Christmas and drink in the festive spirit.

This is a celebration of silliness.

A party anthem with bells on.

And so Christmassy that you’ll be sucking on gravy-soaked sprouts three weeks early.

There’s a cracking line referencing the ‘outlaws’ and the ‘in-laws’ (no spoilers here).

And it’s remarkable just how many Chrimbo cliches the lads pack into three minutes of madness at the most magical time of the year.

When it comes to seasonal songs there are plenty of rock and roll turkeys doing the rounds right now.

But Outlaw This Christmas is the halo on the angel on the top of the tree. 

What’s next for The Outlaw Orchestra

There’s no slowing down for The Outlaw Orchestra in 2022 as they close out the year in style.

Catch the guys at The Platform Tavern in Southampton on Saturday.

And the band will be in full festive mode the weekend before Christmas.

Enjoy gigs at The Joiners in Southampton on December 16 and the AmpliYuletide Festival at Gloucester Guildhall the following day.