Always on the look out for fresh British talent we stumbled across this lot some time ago and this month sees the metal talent that is Black Acid Souls unleash their latest hot tune.

The Northampton-based crew release Precious Possession on September 10 ahead of a hotly anticipated 2012 album.

And it’s little wonder that the guys are already big favourites on rock and metal radio with a ferocious twin guitar sound allied to some superb vocal work.

Mixing Pantera with Metallica and huge slabs of classic 80s thrash, last year’s debut single No Man’s Land was an evocative piece of modern metal.

And hopes are high that the band can make a major breakthrough in the next 12 months – following in the footsteps of UK thrash stars Evile and their ilk.

BMX legend Mark Webbs personally featured the follow up single Life And Death on his latest video, generating even more exposure for a band on the up.

Black Acid Souls hit the road again in October with 10 shows confirmed before the end of the year. Catch this lot while you can!