Wolfmother – Victorious (Universal Music UK)

Genre: Hard Rock

Wolfmother are back, and it is glorious.

Two years after New Crown, and a whole 11 since the world was introduced to their eponymous debut, the Australian rockers are back with an album that is everything good about Andrew Stockdale’s trio.

Despite an extensive lineup change that leaves Stockdale the only surviving member of the band from their early days, the sound is largely the same – pure rock and roll for those who like their drum rolls and big electric guitar noise.

If you watch the music videos for their new material, it seems like the Stockdale show – a solo act in all but name, and it’s clear that it’s his way or the highway when it comes to the musical direction of the group. But that’s not exactly a bad thing, because his way is working wonderfully.

Victorious opens in delightful fashion with The Love That You Give, a typically rousing hard rock track with Wolfmother’s trademark soaring vocals.

In fact, the whole record is jam packed with tunes that’ll make you want to dust down the air guitar and get practising. Victorius has more twists and turns than the Nile, each one designed to keep you wanting more, while City Lights and Gypsy Caravan are just cold hard bangers.

Through all the constant changes one thing has remained the same: the music. You know what you’re getting with Wolfmother, and that’s just fine. A new classic? It just might be.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 The Mother Of Rock