ALIASES – Derangeable (Basick Records)

Genre: Tech Metal

ALIASES were formed by former SikTH stalwart Pin and guitarist Leah Woodward got together to push the boundaries of progressive mental. By any stretch of the imagination, ALIASES have achieved that with Derangeable.

This is an album for anybody who enjoys listening to ridiculously complex arrangements and rhythms pulled off brilliantly by talented musicians.

A quick glance at the videos of Woodward playing her parts to any song will show just how complex they are, and just how ballsy you’d have to be to write them – but then again, that’s exactly the point of the band.

Derangeable isn’t always the easiest album to listen to – it’s the type of thing you have to give your full attention or you’re going to miss important bits from it, like the terrific saxophone in Find Where You Hide.

And that’s the whole appeal of the album: it hits you with the unexpected and the accessible, before pulling you down a whole of brutal metal that leaves your head reeling.

The album won’t be for everyone, but even if you have a passing interested in music it’s a must listen – even if it’s just to bask in the skill and imagination that it takes to produce a record like this.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Beautiful Madness