Gehennah – Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die (Metal Blade)

Genre: Metal

Take the amphetamine snorting, whiskey-chugging rock n’ roll of Motörhead, add a dash of Venom and voilà, you have Gehennah’s fourth album. It’s not clever and it’s not meant to be, but songs like When All Else Fails – Destroy! and Let’s Fall Off The Wagon are heaps of grimy, noisy fun, and sometimes, that’s just what you need.

Maybe 13 songs is pushing it, maybe the production isn’t as beefy as it should have been… listen to the Swedes in full throttle though, and you’ll feel like riding a Harley straight through the fires of hell. The furious, retro-powered Unholy & Unpleasant, which drifts into hardcore territory, is a real treat, and who could pick holes in a song as anthemic and bloody-minded as Life Metal Must Die?

Though not in the same league as Kilmister and co. Gehennah certainly have the spirit of Lemmy coursing through their veins. ‘We’re a street metal band’ they proudly sing – we’re not arguing with them.