Love Buzzard – AntiFistamines (1-2-3-4 Records)

Genre: Garage Thrash

Their logo is a throwback to the days of psychedelic rock n ‘roll and their name sounds like a hippy commune somewhere in the woods of America. But it’s all a front because AntiFistamines is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and it wants to rip your face off.

This two-piece band have already supported Slaves, Cerebral Ballzy and God Damn, and with their intense brand of garage-thrash, they are set to win friends and influence mosh-pits up and down the country.

Half the time this frantic duo sound like what would have happened if The Dead Kennedys had jammed with The Sex Pistols, especially on album opener Cash.

Nobody should be surprised at the level of noise two-piece bands make anymore, especially with the arrival of Royal Blood last year – but the different ways Love Buzzard come together to make loud music is impressive: Headrush combines stripped back grunge sound and semi-distorted vocals while Heaven’s Got An Electric Fence tones it down a bit and allows the guitar to influence the sound of the track more. It shows that Love Buzzard aren’t just about the noise, there is some style there as well.

Be prepared for the unexpected with Love Buzzard, the stripped down, raw and grungy faux hippies that are just looking for any excuse to play loud music. Russell Hughes