Fenrir – The Rise (Unsigned)

Genre: Alt. Rock

Straight off the product line of commercial/radio friendly alt.rock are Fenrir with their EP The Rise – a slick, polished and emotionally mature record with uplifting lyrics. In short, it’s six songs that are designed to have as much impact as possible in just 20 minutes.

None of that means that Fenrir have written a bad EP or that the songs within it should be written off, it just means that in certain respects, we’ve been here before. Tell My Wife I Said Hello and Bones are an explosive introduction to The Rise, full of the sort of rising chorus lines and powerful breakdowns that have become a staple for guitar bands the planet over, while Einn provides the breather in the middle.

The real standout moment comes on Smoke Signals and Victory Rose II. The former morphs from a lapdog into a lion with a moment of animalistic aggression at the end of the song, while the latter builds up into a real rock epic that showcases.

For a band named after the monstrous wolf who will eventually kill the Norse God Odin at the end of the world, Fenrir have given themselves a lot to live up to – but the final two songs on the EP prove that their bite might be able to match up to their bark.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 The Bite Matches The Bark