My ExtraordinaryNewcastle-based My Extraordinary have been in existence for a while but have been in the consciousness of the music loving public for much less time.

Having released their Reality EP two years ago, the band had faded from view – but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been working. RUSHONROCK‘s Russell Hughes reports.




My Extraordinary are back. But according to the band they’ve never been too far away.

“We were never away from making music to be honest,” said lead singer Ant Thompson. “We just weren’t putting anything out to the public. Our plan was to stay quiet for a while and become a better band and that resulted in us creating something we’re excited and happy with.”

It is an unusual step for a band to take time away just when they have released their first record but it is a decision that might pay off for the northern band – especially when you consider the quality of music that they could produce.

“In the past when we’ve recorded music we believed that we had to stick to some ‘plan’ in order for people to stay interested,” elaborated Thompson. “We thought we had to make sure we were releasing music quickly and that that was more important than the final product.

“What you put out in the end in the most important thing and as we grew older and wiser we learnt that we should take a bit of time to make sure we have the right equipment, funds and ability to make something great!”

That creation is their RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 mini-album The World We Live In, and it’s no surprise to find that that changes have been made to the group make up during their time away from the public eye. Thompson has given up the guitar to focus solely on his vocals – a move, he said, that was motivated mainly by comfort.

“I love playing guitar but I felt that I’d enjoy performing a lot more without a guitar,” he explained. “We were writing parts that I felt I’d struggle to play and sing live and I knew that if I was ever going to pass on my duties now was the time. I, of course, brought it up with the lads and we all decided it was for the best. I don’t expect to look back now.“

My Extraordinary are embarking on a run of dates in September that will see them take to the Think Tank stage at Newcastle’s Digital to play in front of a home crowd – something that Thompson is looking forward to. “I’m super excited to play it,” he said. “There’s no barrier, it has a low ceiling and it overlooks the bar. I think it’s going to feel really intimate and I hope people are excited! We plan to put on a huge show.”

Their plans for the rest of the year? Well, that’s simple. “We’re concentrating on getting this new material into the faces of as many people as possible before the years out,” he said. “Touring, releasing music and having fun. Then we’ll hit the studio and record an album.”

You could bet your house that it won’t take another two years to produce.