quireboys us tour poster final 600pxDiarist extraordinaire Paul Guerin is just one entry away from completing his tale of the Quireboys‘ North American tour and if you haven’t been there then his wise words have been the next best thing.

Check out what the lads got up to during their Montreal downtime and look out for the final word on a wonderful four weeks right here very soon.

Don’t forget frontman Spike released his RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 100% Pure Frankie Miller album this week – a star-studded collection of rock classics well worth checking out. 


Je m’appelle Paul Guerin.

I always knew that would come in handy one day. We were in Montreal and the first language is French!

The venue, The Rialto Theater, and the hotel were in the mile end area of the city – very trendy, very quirky and very French.

The venue is an old movie theater and the walls were peppered with old original movie posters which really added to the character of the place. Soundcheck was a little difficult as the sound was bouncing of the walls. It was just one of those rooms and just one of those things but when the crowd comes in it generally soaks things up.

The support band were called Rusted and they played their hearts out and seamed to love being on stage. No shoe gazing from those chaps – our show went swimmingly well and, as I’d hoped, the sound problems disappeared with the welcome addition of an audience.

Day off in Montreal – day off in bed more like it! Ha, ha no not really. I headed off hoping to buy presents for Trish and the kids but no shops – only restaurants apart from one amazing thrift shop that sold everything from propeller blades to Hitler youth daggers. Neither being appropriate gifts I moved on and met the lads for lunch.

We plumped for an oldy worldy bagel place where I had eggs Benedict and a coke from a glass bottle…happy Paul.

Davey headed off and had an amazing tattoo done on his arm. Me and Gazz wanted to get inked but the tattooist didn’t have time to do us all.

We all convened back at the bar next to the hotel where we sipped honey Jack on the rocks and listened to the Stones on the jukebox all evening. What a great couple of days.

Au revoir Montreal x


* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

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