quireboys us tour poster final 600pxAs the Quireboys enter the final week of what’s been an eventful North American tour guitarist Paul Guerin keeps the behind-the-scenes banter coming.

Read all about his Rocky dreams, thoughts on the Philadelphia’s The Legendary Dobbs and that all important laundry update…right here.

And check back for news on the band’s Pittsburgh pitstop tomorrow. 


I’ve never been to Philadelphia , home of Hall and Oates, Chubby Checker, Joan Jett, Frankie Avalon, Cinderella and, not forgetting, good old Rocky so I was hoping to have a mooch around time permitting.

The Legendary Dobbs is set in an amazing part of town, kind of Greenwich Village meets New Orleans with bars, more bars, quirky shops, murals, great eateries and a buzzing vibe that could intoxicate you given the chance.

The lack of stage space is far outweighed by the character oozing out of every nook and cranny of this joint. If walls could speak they would scream ROCK n ROLL at you – you know these boards have been graced by legends past and present.

The owners, bar staff, security and crew couldn’t have been more gracious and helpful which adds up to a lot when you’re tired and a long way from home. Well, as usual, time was a thief and I didn’t get my mooch.

I wanted to run up the 72 steps of the Phily Art Museum like rocky and punch the air at the top…with Eye Of The Tiger whizzing around my brain driving me barmy but it didn’t happen.

When we were driving back to the venue from our hotel Febrezing session (yes, things are getting pretty grim in the clothing department. If I don’t get some laundry done I think Trish will change the locks when I get home) we turned the radio on just as we were being played by local celebrity DJ Jacky Bam Bam. Always a great feeling hearing yourself on the wireless. 

Back at the gig our every need was being catered for by a very enthusiastic chap who told us he’s a drummer and has an audition for a new Kiss reality TV show where Kiss will be making a new Kiss to eventually replace Kiss! He even sang Beth to us which I have to say was very good if not quite surreal. But I guess you had to be there. I wish him all the best in his endeavors .

The one and only Jacky Bam Bam pitched up and is a nine foot tall whirlwind of buzzing joy – fantastic fellow in fact. He is the spitting image of the Hollywood actor Adrian Brody. We recorded some Quireboys and Down N Outz indents for his radio show and then it was show time.

Jacky Bam Bam gave us an Oscar-winning rousing introduction – I felt like Mohammed Ali stepping into the ring in the Rumble in the Jungle…bloody marvelous.

To say the stage is compact and bijou would be an understatement but it didn’t matter. We made it work as we always do. As I always say…if those brave heroes could tunnel out of Colditz with a spoon then I can do this.

The show was a blast, the rhythm section is so tight you would think Dave McClusky and Gary Ivin had been playing together for a lifetime and can I just say that Gary has the best sideburns I’ve ever seen….sideeeeee envy!

Griff is playing some killer guitar on this tour and Spike is whipping up a storm. Keith may have been tucked away at the back in Philli but he was in there playing loud n proud.

And as the last notes of Sex Party died out Jacky Bam Bam took to the mic and announced ‘ladies and gentlemen THAT IS HOW IT’S DONE’. We like to think so. I thank you and goodnight. 


* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

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