Jack J Hutchinson – Who Feeds The Wolf? (Self-Released)

Imagine the hip grinding groove of a Rival Sons standard fused with the sheer brilliance of Black Country Communion’s devilish debut. Justified – the jaw-dropping introduction to Who Feeds The Wolf? – is a spellbinding mix of Jay Buchanan and Joe Bonamassa with a great big dollop of Glenn Hughes thrown in for good measure.

But if you’re thinking Jack J Hutchinson has peaked too early then think again. The blues rock highlights come thick and fast on a record that’s somehow missed its calling as a major label mega-seller. Hands up, who missed a trick?

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye might veer uncomfortably close to classic Oasis but even if listening to the Gallaghers is anathema (and we’ve never been fans of Liam and Noel) then the understated cool of this swaggering slow burner will surely strike a chord.

The folky chorus underpinning I Will Follow You fits like a glove and establishes a beautiful ballad as an early frontrunner in the race for standout track. But skip to the heavy blues rock of scintillating set closer Sleep Awake Obey and one thing becomes clear – Who Feeds The Wolf? is a body of work that’s as consistent as it is creative.

Hutchinson’s passionate shows are stuff of legend: his rapport with band mates Lazarus Michaelides and Felipe Amorim is the foundation for some of the finest music on the live scene right now. Crucially, the trio have recaptured the magic on record and there are times when this sounds like it’s straight off the stage rather than straight from the studio.

Hutchinson has the charisma and the craft to keep fellow British bluesman Kris Barras keen. And the bearded cat in the hat is purring on an album that proves Jack’s the lad.

Main Image By Adam Kennedy