quireboys us tour poster final 600pxThe Quireboys have won rave reviews across the US on their first North American tour for 20 years and the rockers just keep on rolling.

Guitarist Paul Guerin has been providing RUSHONROCK readers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life on the road.

And he’ll be back all next week as the band cross the border into Canada before heading home. 



Whilst tootling around a truck stop convenience store on our drive to Pittsburg I spotted a book called You are what you eat by Dr Gillian McKeith. Well, if this is true I am currently a crunchy taco, steak and eggs mixed with a Subway soup and finished of with a cheeky strawberry waffle cone.

I bought the book, pretty interesting reading – quite an undertaking really but I reckon if I apply some of the suggested diet changes it might help with the infernal eczema in my ears and my rosacea but its not that easy when you’re on the road…keep you posted.

Pittsburg is – or was – a steel town and as we drive in you can tell it’s been a tough town in its time. The architecture is strong and the distinctive steel bridges crisscross the river in rapid succession. Coal coming in and steel going out.

The Dead Horse has only been open for three weeks and I’m reliably informed its situated in the wrong side of town but I couldn’t give a hoot. We’re Geordies and we fear nothing…well, apart from the wrath of our mams!

I was using a Carvin amp care of the opening act which is a first. But I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. A couple of nights on the tour I’ve used one of the new Marshall Valvstate amps – call me Captain Impressed. Things have certainly improved since the Transistor amps of the 70s.

I’ve had quite a few emails concerning my gear on this tour…bear with me if you’re not a gear head. I’ll keep it brief!!

Guitars – Vintage Lemon Drop v100 , Vintage Tobacco Sunburst v100.

Pedals – Xvive lemon squeezer compressor and a Xvive tube drive.

All the info on this gear can be found on the John Hornby Skewes website here.

That’s it folks – I’m provided with a different amp every night which can be a challenge but always bear in mind spoon/Colditz…

We had a meet and greet before the show with die hard fans. The distance some people have travelled to see us is quite humbling. We are eternally grateful for your support keeping Rock n Roll alive with the Quireboys.

Another smoking show and the band just keeps getting better. Whipping Boy gave me shivers in Pittsburg.

There was a quick signing session after the show then it was bed o’clock with a nine hour drive to Amityville looming. A horrifying prospect…boom boom xxx


* The Quireboys’ new album Black Eyed Sons is out now!

* Click here for a full list of tour dates in 2014.