The last big festival of the summer is looming and there’s plenty to get excited about if you’re a fan of rock – not least the return of the iconic Jane’s Addiction.

We’re counting down to the Bank Holiday weekend riff fest with an alternative look at the must-see bands.

And we’re kicking off with emo kings 30 Seconds To Mars…

Band Name: 30 Seconds To Mars

Date: Saturday 27th August

Stage: Main Stage

Hit or miss: HIT – Jared & co like their ship boarding a number of genres and for that reason, we’re going to logistically predict that there’s a good chance – whoever you are – there’s something here for you.

Craziest song title: Buddha For Mary (just settle on a bunch of flowers in future when getting the wife’s birthday present, OK?!)

Most bizarre band member name: Shannon Leto (without facetiousness, I honestly hadn’t heard the name Shannon used for a male before this sticksman came along)

Current album: This Is War (2009)

Future prospects: That rests on the involvement of the multifaceted members, especially actor Jared Leto. However, with the Leto brothers at the core since 1996 and Tomo Milcevic marking his eighth year in the band, there’s a solid setup promising years and years more.