Next up in our preparations we delve into a marmite band, taking a look at Hertfordshire’s popular electronicore metallers Enter Shikari.

Band Name: Enter Shikari

Date: Friday 26th August 2011

Stage: Main Stage

Hit or miss: MISS – Most mainstream things ending in a ‘core’ have ended badly and Enter Shikari just about sum this up.

Craziest song title: Gap In The Fence – for the sheer comedic relevance – annotating the very target we dash for as Shikari hit the stage!

Most bizarre band member name: Roughton ‘Rou’ Reynolds – if you didn’t know otherwise, you would’ve thought him a boxer!

Current album: Common Dreads (2009)

Future prospects: Burning out after a mammoth tour and calling it quits? As much as we poke fun, they’ve got a future alright.