Deftones have been plugging away in the alternative metal scene for well over 20-years now, but that doesn’t make them at all outdated.  The Californian sextet are hoping to release album number seven soon, but before that they’ve got some festival crowds to blow away.

Band Name: Deftones

Date: Saturday 27th August

Stage: Main Stage

Hit or miss: HIT – They’re a popular force in ‘alternative’ metal but have kept an experimental outlook for some time – it’s hard to believe they’ve been infecting us since 1988.

Craziest song title: You’ve Seen The Butcher

Most bizarre band member name: Abraham Cunningham – a name riddled with grandeur!  If not the drummer in a successful rock band, Abe should have been born in feudal times with expansive acres of land.

Current album: Diamond Eyes (2010)

Future prospects: Tentatively titled Eros, Deftones are currently working on a new full-length record.  It may have been delayed after bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a serious car accident, but it’s on the way.  Regardless, all we can hope is Cheng’s condition improve – he remains in a minimally conscious state.