For a tour-aholic like Frank Turner a performance at Leeds/Reading Festival might just be another in the bag.  But what’s different about this English charmer is that he gives absoultely everything in every gig he plays till the point of exhaustion.  At the still-ripe age of 29, he played his 1000th gig last April, and promises to continue on his obsessive quest to bring the world – the music of Frank Turner.

Band Name: Frank Turner

Date: Sunday 28th August

Stage: Main Stage

Hit or miss: HIT – Turner has the determination to cement himself into music history and won’t stop till he’s up there with the very best.  His old-school mentality on musicianship is admirable and his live tenacity overwhelming.  This is a must see, must hear – especially with the exciting prospect of hearing new songs from this year’s impressive England Keep My Bones.

Craziest song title: I Really Don’t Care What You Did On Your Gap Year – From his first EP, this is a smashing rebuke!

Most bizarre band member name: Tarrant Anderson – bassist of Turner’s
backing band with a surname for a forename seemingly.

Current album: England Keep My Bones (2011)

Future prospects: Simple – major tours, massive jet-lag and even better songs.  An already successful career will flourish further.