steadlurSelf-styled retro rockers Steadlur are out in Europe after blazing a trail across the UK earlier this month but what really goes on behind the scenes in one of the world’s most dangerous bands?

We quizzed infamous party animal, groupie addict and beer guzzler Daniel Steadlur in our latest look at what life’s like off stage for rock’s biggest names. Read the results right here as the rushonrock Rider returns… 

On your iPod: I’ve got the new record from Billy Talent. I’m a huge fan but I’m yet to be convinced by their latest effort. Are they trying to be too commercial? Who knows. But there’s something just not quite right about the record.

Small screen pleasure: I watch a lot of Fuse TV back home. It’s a great music channel and in the US MTV is just full of reality TV shows and they don’t really play any music any more. Fuse fills the gap. I’m also into Man Vs Beast – it’s cool. 

Making A Meal Of It: Mashed potato, gaucamole and chips. I would bathe in any or all of them.

Drivetime: I have a Buick Rendevous but I’m looking to downsize. I’ve fallen in love with the Audi A4 since I’ve seen loads of them in Europe. 

Ace Place: There’s this little town in France called Calais I think. It was gorgeous. We didn’t get to stop there but I was wide eyed staring out of the tour bus. And I liked the look of Nuremburg.

Dream Destination: I pretty much want to see Paris. We almost had a gig there earlier this month but were forced to pull out at the last minute.

Nickname Shame: I was called Woody. My middle name was Woodward. There were some pretty original kids at my school.