For those of you who feel starved of spoof hair metal following Steel Panther Week we’re giving you one final blast of our spandex-clad heroes in the shape of a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Lexxi Foxxx.

The most beautiful bass player on the planet might talk a good game when it comes to groupies, gang banging and the like but beneath it all there’s a genuinely sensitive soul. We think.

Check out the latest in our series of rushonrock Riders right here. On your iPod: Right now it’s Britny Fox and Girlschool. And of course Danger Danger. Ted Poley just gave me a copy of his Greatest Hits CD and it kicks ass.

Small Screen Pleasure: Apart from porn I watch a lot of old Cinderella DVDs. It’s a case of learning from the masters. And the same with the late 80s Whitesnake videos. We’re bringing back the good times but we need to remember just how good those times really were.

Making a meal of it: I have to be honest but when you want to look as good as I do you have to live on a diet of chicken, brown rice and broccoli. But of course I’m a ‘vagitarian’ too – I love a bit of fish from time to time.

Drivetime: I have an old Nissan Pulsar NX. My ma let me have it. You can stick your head out of it and enjoy the moment.

Ace Place: Castle Donington. One of the coolest experiences of my life was playing Download in the tent last year. And now we’re going back! Home sweet home (as Motley Crue might say).

Dream destination: I think I want to go to Paris. Shake up the fashion scene there. If you look as bitchin’ as I do it’s the only place to hang out.

Nickname shame: Sexy Lexxi. Obviously.