YM@62You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi has shot to stardom as one of the most charismatic UK singers on the Brit rock circuit and this summer he showcased his talenst to Warped Tour crowds across the US.

With the band’s brilliant debut album Take Off Your Colours given the major label deluxe treatment this month it’s high time rushonrock discovered what makes our fave new singer tick behind the scenes.

On your iPod: I’ve got the new All Time Low album on all the time. I told them it sucked when I first heard it but it’s become the soundtrack to my summer. they’re just one of these bands that are so catchy.

Small screen pleasure: I don’t really watch much TV anymore but I do like the InBetweeners. Ss individuals the people on the programme are just like the guys in the band. We’re always doing silly voices and that sort of stuff.

Making a meal of it: You can’t really beat my mum’s salmon risotto. She made it for me after we got back from the Warped Tour and I’d missed it.

Drivetime: I was learning to drive before the band started doing so many gigs and now I’m away all the time I can’t fit in any lessons. My driving instructor keeps telling me to book a test but it could endanger the general public.

Ace place: There was this lovely lake in California we had a chance to visit with one of the other bands on a day off from Warped. We hired boats and it was a brilliant day.

Dream destination: I’m keen to go to Japan and Australia. it’s going to happen soon.

Nickname shame: Alfons, Frenchy, ballbags or my best mate’s favourite, Vibemaster.