drrHe used to be a basketball pro. He designs some of the hottest websites in the world. This week he’s sporting an inverted Chrissy Waddle perm circa 1987. He’s Adam and he’s the ultra hip forntman of the best unsigned band on the planet.

This week the Dirty Rock And Roll singer reveals all as we take another look behind the scenes and check out what floats our favourite rockers’ boats in the rushonrock Rider. Btw – you can check out DRnR at Blyth’s The Quay next Thursday!

On your iPod: Not a lot right now but I’m gonna give the band Mammal a listen as I like the song Smash The Pinata. You can tell it’s influenced by Rage Against The Machine but with a British twist.

Small screen pleasure: Anything done by Charlie Brooker. The man is a genius and watch out for newswipe on BBC4!

Making A Meal Of It: I love good food and nice wine. I’m not a big fan of junk food.

Drivetime: I’ve got a Dodge Caliber. It’s like the TARDIS. Small but big, big yet small.

Ace Place: It would have to be Chicago or San Francisco. I’ve had a couple of trips to the US and love the big cities over there.

Dream Destination: Tokyo. Japan’s got a great reputation for loving rock and they’d love Dirty Rock And Roll.

Nickname Shame: Didn’t have one. (How about VoodooKid? – ed)