Finnish black metal/doom/folk metal heroes Finntroll are back with an almighty bang in 2010 with new album Nifelvind promising to be their most powerful release yet.

Sticking to their guns by delivering every one of their tunes in Swedish, it’s never going to be an easy ask for British audiences to get exactly what’s going on with the mysterious seven-strong act.

But frontman Vreth speaks perfect English and we discovered just what makes the big growler tick.

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to a lot of black metal. And I mean a lot. In fact for the past half a year all I’ve been listening to is black metal.

Small Screen Pleasure: Fast Forward is my favourite show. I’ve become a bit addicted to it.

Making a meal of it: It has to be salmon. i love that fish.

Drivetime: I sold my car last year. I had a really nice little Suzuki but i just don’t need one now. We’re so busy, on the road all the time, that it didn’t make sense to keep it.

Ace Place: This is a really tough one. I’d have to say Mexico if you’re really pushing me (Ed – we’re not. We’re too scared).

Dream destination: I really want to go to Egypt. That’s a little dream I’ve had for some time.

Nickname shame: ‘Lillen’. It means ‘little one’.