crucified-whiteWhat better way to celebrate Crucified Barbara’s sure-to-be-steaming set at Sweden Rock this week than with a look at what makes frontwoman Mia Coldheart tick?

In the latest of our behind-the-scenes looks at rock’s biggest names we discover what life is really like for a hot Scandinavian muso fronting one of Europe’s fastest-improving metal acts. And it’s not what you’d think – whatever you were thinking…

On your iPod: Mostly old demos of bands which don’t exist anymore. Plus Phantom Blue, AC/DC and Metallica’s new album.

Small screen pleasure: I don’t have a television. I used to have one but it tired me out so I dumped it. 

Making A Meal Of It: I just love food. I like Indian stuff the best and espeically the Indian meals you get in the UK. They’re the best in the world – apart from India, maybe.

Drivetime: I don’t drive. I use the bus. Bus is best.

Ace Place: It has to be Australia and Melbourne. I love Aussies. When can I go back?

Dream Destination: Anywhere in the USA. Especially if it was with CB and we were supporting AC/DC.

Nickname Shame: I don’t think I ever had one. Now I just have a strange surname.