Devin Townsend ActionHe’s one of the most prolific music makers on the planet and halfway through his new four-album cycle Devin Townsend shows no signs of slowing down just yet!

With the action packed Addicted! out now and a series of tours planned for 2010 we’ll be hearing a lot more from Steve Vai’s former sidekick in the next 12 months.

But right now we hear what makes the man from Vancouver tick.

On your iPod: I’ve just got back in touch with Ginger (Wildhearts) and he’s sent me a bunch of his solo stuff which I hadn’t heard. I already had the new Wildhearts record so I’ve been listening to a lot of my favoruite Geordie lately. That plus Bon Iver, Mew, Young Gods, Tom Waits and Ravi Shankar. 

Small Screen Pleasure: My brain’s pretty feverish and so I can’t sit through stuff like crime dramas. I like nature programmes and stupid trash TV like American Idol. I keep it pretty simple when it comes to TV.

Making a meal of it: I’m vegetarian but I like manly vegetarian stuff! I love hot and spicy food so I love Indian. And if it came to the crunch I’d choose Japanese.

Drivetime: I’ve got a 2004 Toyota Echo. It’s like a Yaris but not as nice.

Ace place: I’ve had some brilliant times in a lot of places. Where I like really depends upon me and the mindset I’m in at the time. So it’s wherever my head has been at peace for a while.

Dream destination: Heaven, man! Or a nice, deserted, sandy beach with great food and drink and no consequences.

Nickname shame: Flipper. My feet grew before I did. But nobody turned me into a swimmer – I’m a cat when it comes to water. I hate the stuff.