stryper sweetHe’s been touched by tragedy, panned by critics and pilloried for his religion but Michael Sweet remains one of the finest melodic rock singers of his generation.

And with new record Murder By Pride out later this month, the frank Stryper frontman took time out to reveal just what makes him tick away from the demanding world of Christian Rock.

Look out for a full interview with Sweet on rushonrock very soon.

On your iPod: At the moment there’s nothing. I haven’t listended to music for six or seven months if the truth be told but Keane was the lastv record I really got into. These days I’m not a big fan of heavy metal music which is bizarre – growing up I loved anything by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and The Scorpions.

Small screen pleasure: Again I don’t find the time to watch much TV right now but I went through a phase of checking out What Not To Wear, American Idol and shows like that. But my favourite’s got to be The Weather Channel.

Making a meal of it: It would definitely be something Asian. Some authentic Japanese Sushi would be my pick.

Drivetime: I’ve got an Infinity 635X. Before that I had an Audi and before that my wife had a Land Rover which we loved.

Ace place: When we were touring England I never really got to see the country and that’s a bit of a regret. I love the English people. I did have a family holiday which started in London – we drove from there to Wales and back and it was the best experience of my life.

Dream destination: I haven’t been to Italy but that’s all about to change. We’re doing two shows there in support of Murder By Pride. I can’t wait. I’ve never been to Russia either and that’s on the list.

Nickname shame: Gipper when I was a kid. Tigger when I’m with the Boston crew.