He was the man responsible for Thunder’s blues rock riffs and now he’s one half of The Union – axeman supreme Luke Morley is the latest rock star to succumb to the rushonrock Rider.

With his new band out on the road this month and a high profile High Voltage festival slot to come it looks like being another big year for the ex-Terraplane favourite.

We found out what makes him tick away from music…

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to nothing but the new album for the last three months. I’ve just finished mastering it and now we’re playing it live so it’s in my head most of the time!

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t watch much TV as such but I watch a lot of films. I’m a big Scorsese fan and love anything by the Coen brothers.

Making a meal of it: Anything Japanese or Italian normally hits the mark.

Drivetime: Right now I’ve got a BMW X5.

Ace Place: I’m a big fan of southern Europe. Anywhere in southern Spain or Italy  will do.

Dream destination: Australia.

Nickname shame: I somehow managed to avoid them as a kid which, considering I had ginger hair, was a miracle. Maybe any names went over my ginger head. Anyway, now I get called Puke.