Nights Of My Days


Hearts + Souls

Hearts + Souls backstory

The Yorkshire-based five-piece were formed during lockdown by singer songwriter Luke Smithson.

Following a brief stint as a touring member of The Quireboys, Smithson saw the potential for Hearts + Souls to become a fully-fledged band.

And he hooked up with long-time collaborator Tom Q Cusic to write what would become the band’s debut EP.

Smithson and Q have performed alongside Hanoi Rocks, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, Mick Ralphs’ Bad Company and more.

But Hearts + Souls represents a new era for the best of friends following the recruitment of Alan Sullivan (vocals/bass), Jimmy Milne (vocals/drums) and keysman Wes Brooks.

In the band’s own words

Our songs for the most part are pretty fun, straight up rock n’ roll numbers.

But with this one we went a bit deeper and more serious. 

We’ve collectively as a species had a difficult past few years and, though the song came about pretty organically, the main focus was loss through suicide. 

It’s far from a fun topic and while we’re hardly putting on airs of grandeur, you write about what you know and unfortunately at the time, that was pretty prevalent for us.

A close friend was going through some hard times involving a break-up, not being able to see his kid and ended up taking his own life.

Musically, we took inspiration from many places — The Dead Boys, Ian Hunter, Springsteen/Nils Lofgren, Scott Walker are all in there.

The verdict on Nights Of My Days

Marrying seriously dark subject matter with raucous rock and roll optimism has never been easy.

But Hearts + Souls know how to enunciate emotion without affecting the entertainment.

A band that’s sought to build its reputation on fun must have wrestled with Nights Of My Days’ occasionally disturbing narrative.

And yet there’s a powerful sense of purpose driving an ultimately uplifting anthem.

Hearts + Souls often sound like the bastard sons of Georgia Satellites and Tom Petty.

But there’s a Springsteen-esque grit underpinning this well-crafted curveball.

Nights Of My Days is the sound of a band wearing its heart on its sleeve and laying its collective soul bare.

What’s next for Hearts + Souls

The Nights Of My Days EP is released this week.

Hearts + Souls have been added to the Hard Rock Hell XVI bill in November alongside Tyketto, Gun and Geoff Tate.

More dates and festival shows for 2023 will be announced soon.