As the WWE’s Superstars jostle for position ahead of Wrestlemania, our King Of The Ring Andy Spoors continues his look at this year’s must-watch talent. This week it’s all about The Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns

Where do you start with Roman Reigns?

Since returning in 2020, he has been the Superstar.

The talent WWE had always hoped he would be despite multiple hostile receptions from fans.

Everything The Tribal Chief touches seems to turn into gold, whether it be aligning with his cousins, keeping counsel with Paul Heyman or bringing Sami Zayn into The Bloodline.

2023, however, promises to be an altogether different proposition for Reigns.

Holding all the marbles, he remains the focus of every ambitious Superstar looking for the company’s main title.

Quite what that looks like remains difficult to predict. Do WWE continue with one main championship? Do they split the difference and give each brand a title? If so, how? 

These questions have lingered ever since Reigns beat Brock Lesnar for both titles at WrestleMania 38 but have, if anything, grown louder in recent months. 

The Tribal Chief has done a phenomenal job of staying fresh.

Sure, in part, this can be attributed to his lighter schedule but steering into all of the feedback he has ever been given has been a huge factor.

He talks less, his catchphrase gets fans involved, no more over-saturation.

There will always be vocal opposition that would like to see a full time champion but this current run as champion has slowly built into one for the ages.

With the returning Cody Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble intent on fulfilling a promise, Seth Rollins a constant thorn in his side and the ever-present rumours of a blockbuster match against The Rock, there is a lot of work to be done if Roman wants to be reigning through until 2024.

And where does Zayn fit into the picture?

In just a few days time WWE will present Elimination Chamber in Zayn’s native Montreal.

Roman has faced some big challenges during his tenure as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion but facing an underdog with an axe to grind, in front of what will likely be a red hot crowd, is arguably the biggest.

You’d be a brave man to bet on Sami, and there are very few who could say with 100% confidence he can get the job done.

This is, however, a brave new WWE, that could be looking to insert one more twist on the journey to WrestleMania.

It is Roman’s job once again to make sure fans don’t go home happy, this time for a different reason than his run back in 2017…