Miles To Perdition have released their brand new single S.O.M.A and brought out an accompanying music video for the track.

The death metal group have given their fans a taste of what their new album 2084 will sound like with the single, which comes out three weeks ahead of their DIY release.

Miles To Perdition have supported huge acts such as Avenged Sevenfold, The Black Dahlia Murder and Oathbreaker but now is their time to shine.

After making their debut in 2010, the Luxembourg band have expended a serious amount of energy to become one of the leading lights of the Benelux metal scene. Their new album is based on the dichotomy of utopia and dystopia – which takes librature like 1984 or Brave New World as their foundations.

Miles To Perdition have projected humanity into the future and contrasted hope and despair in the lyrics, visuals and music.