Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You



Tempt backstory

Way back in 2016 Rushonrock awarded Tempt’s snazzy self-titled debut a fully deserved 10/10.

And we don’t dish out those marks for fun.

It’s safe to say an AOR-tinged late 80s throwback had us smitten from day one.

But where have the bright new things of melodic rock been since then?

It’s safe to say a certain global pandemic put the quartet’s ambitious plans on hold.

But a high-profile management deal and multi-album contract with Better Noise Music means the future’s set fair.

Tempt have made their name on the festival circuit with standout sets at Download, Hellfest, Rock am Ring and Graspop.

And the band’s been spotted supporting Maiden, Shinedown, Tremonti and more.

2022 single Living Dangerous — featuring Dorothy — soundtracks Hollywood blockbuster Retaliators.

And to keep the pot boiling Harrison Marcello has paid tribute to his godfather just in time for the holiday season.

The axeman is the godson of Billy Squier and this spirited version of Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You has been approved by the man himself.

In Tempt guitarist Harris Marcello’s own words

“We want to put rock and roll back into everyone’s Christmas playlist.

“And this gem of a song does that. 

“It captures the Christmas spirit in a sincere, emotional yet fun way and doing it with the band gave it the right vibe and energy.

“We all get an overdose of Mariah Carey during the holidays.

“But there is no rock song that gives you the emotional lift in the same way unless you’re singing along with Noddy and the Slade guys in the UK. 

“We think that this is the song to change that

“We have to give a shout out to Shawn Pelton who played drums on the track.

“Nicholas, our drummer, was stuck in Canada on a COVID lockdown and we were really lucky to have Shawn sit in with us to do the track.

“He’s a great player with incredible feel. 

“There is one spot in my solo where he catches a run with a drum fill. It’s just amazing.

“We’re all really excited to share this release and holiday cheer with our fans all over the world. 

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

The verdict on Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You

When it comes to Christmas classics the originals are the best.

But tinsel-toned Tempt have done everything in their power to bring this Billy Squier belter bang up to date.

The pin-sharp production and sparkly mix deliver an early toast of holiday cheer.

And the smiles writ large across a delightfully festive video are guaranteed to warm the hearts.

With five weeks to go until the big day, Tempt have timed this feelgood hit to perfection.

At a time when Queen Carey, Sir Cliff and choirs of cheesy kids dominate the airwaves, it’s refreshing to hear something raucously different.

Christmas rocks. Thanks to Tempt.

What’s next for Tempt

The band’s long-awaited Better Noise Music debut is due for release next year.

Produced and mixed by Grammy Award winner Chris Lord-Alge, it features hit Dorothy collab Living Dangerous.

Look out for a raft of tour dates across 2023.